tisdag 30 december 2008

Luca Brasi / Fireships (Split)

Im getting a little bit turned on by uploading stuff here, so now i give you the split of Luca Brasi and Fireships.
I really dig fireships, they got a really good sound. Not so much of the sweet slow stuff, but really good in my opinion. This is sadly all that they have made, but since they havent broke up yet, there may be more comming.
Luca Brasi is more chaotic and such, but still quite good. Havent really listened to their stuff that very much so i cant tell you everything about them, but i like it so far.

Oh yeah, about that picture above. I couldnt find any good pic at the split, so i looked around at luca brasis myspace and found this unserious pic. But hey, why so serious?
EDIT oh. It had a picture of the split in the file. But w/e the pic atm is better

Luca Brasi / Fireships (Split)

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