söndag 2 december 2012


this is lightweight relevant since there's no lyrics,so here's some new visuals I put together w/ the homie Aly. Make sure you cop his stuff @ http://ascao.bandcamp.com/

lördag 16 juni 2012


BIRTHD@Y is an instrumental hip-hop producer from Princes Georges County, Maryland, right outside of Washington D.C. You can download all of his work including his latest beat tape called "Intimate Moment with Mary" and his two previous tapes as well including instrumentals from tracks he did with MondreM.A.N. and Scrap Dibiase from his bandcamp here.

follow him on twitter @prod_BIRTHDAY

fredag 4 maj 2012


Aly is a hip-hop producer from Sierra Leone/San Jose. Here's his latest record  "LXXXVII" which includes 15 tracks, some are old and some are new, but they're all clean. You can stream it for free below &/or purchase it for just 4 bucks off his bandcamp. Nothing but good things coming from this dude so make sure you check this stuff out. In case you missed the previous Aly post, here's his older stuff "Clouds of Sound" which you can download for free or name your price. Keep it positive, support good music. Enjoy.

MIEKSNEAK - Half Awake

Mieksneak is a hip-hop producer from San Jose/Stockton, California. Here's a collection of beats he put together titled "Half Awake" All of these tracks were produced last year. None of them are mastered, but they sound better a lil dirty in my opinion. Night b4 work is my personal favorite, nasty flip. He was nice enough to put all of these up for free here on his bandcamp so give it a listen. Don't sleep on this dude, check out some of his visual work here

onsdag 2 maj 2012


O L D M O M S is Reice Humenik (@ALIENDATABASED) and Aubrey Mangrum (@Brugele). This is their first 7 -track instrumental EP titled "Melt Jams" Sunny Mourning is my personal favorite, but all of the tracks are dope.You can download it for free here 

tisdag 24 april 2012

Pick Your Side

Band from Hamilton, Ont Canada with members from Haymaker/Left For Dead/Fuck the Facts that will be releasing their first LP on A389 Records. This record has some interesting messages... I'm not sure if I like it or not, didn't quite understand it, but I sure do like the music. It's angry and fast hardcore with some grind/crust influences.

Also, new blogger design, fuck that

Let Me Show You How Democracy Works

onsdag 18 april 2012

The Pool Whales

This is Adam Balbo's band. They play some sort of pop-folk and just released their first album. I find this pretty cozy and enjoyable. And the artwork is awesome.


söndag 15 april 2012

Tempest - Solace

Tempest will be releasing a 7" on the label Vitriol Records, joining the ranks of some pretty neat bands like Graf Orlock and Comadre. If you like such bands as Uranus, Takaru, or One Eyed God Prophecy, check this out. Dark hardcore filled with angst, that's what I would describe it as.

Vitrol Records

onsdag 11 april 2012

Code Orange Kids - Cycles 7"

Oh. My. God. This is so fucking good. Angry hardcore that makes me want to hit something because its so kick-ass. Dont miss out on this, this is their latest(?) release. I might upload more some other day.
Support these rad people if you can, they deserve it.


måndag 9 april 2012

These Needles

A submission from a friendly fellow named Joe, who wanted me to check out his old band that broke up a while ago. Their LP came out a couple of months ago. As described by him: "Weirdo hardcore from Iowa City, definitely diggable for anyone into blasty rippers or Gravity style shit."

This is rad.

lördag 7 april 2012

mnttaB EP

Hello everyone, sorry for being so unactive, I've been in Austria for a week.

I'll kick off my return with a submission (got quite a few of them, thanks alot everyone! Im trying to get to them asap).
Words from the band:
" Its a loud-Noisey synthpunk/Oi sort of hybrid from Melbourne, home of Total Control, Chromedome and My Disco.
Gigs in Euro/US this summer. So Look Out."

This is quite... Special. Judge for yourselves!

tisdag 27 mars 2012

Daido Loori - Laika

Raw screamo from Montclair filled with angst. Fuckin' lovely.

PS give me more tips/submissions! Nahoj005@gmail.com DS

lördag 24 mars 2012

Ape Up!

A pretty cool band from Boston that I will be sharing stage with later this year. They are pretty fucking catchy and you should check them out and come to the show.


Prawn, Ape Up!, Disembarked, Ojjo Nova @ Kafé 44 Stockholm Sweden

onsdag 21 mars 2012

Junior Healy

"Hey I am the drummer in Junior Healy, we play some sort of melodic post hardcore, and have been playing shows here in North Florida for a couple of months. We also landed a spot on a gig that Loma Prieta is playing in Tampa on April 17th. This is our first release, and we did it all ourselves at our practice space with a computer and one microphone."

I like this. I hope you'll like it too.

Bandcamp (to download, press buy now and enter 0 as amount)


lördag 17 mars 2012

Disembarked - S/T EP

So yeah, this is my band. We just released a new EP, with artwork made by Karl Nilsson of Via Fondo.

Download and have a listen, It's much appreciated.
Feel free to share it to the whole world, thanks <3


Nebraska - S/T 7"

Australian screamo influenced by band like Portraits of Past, Unwound, Moss Icon, Codeine, Shotmaker, Sleepytime Trio.
I love the vocals.


torsdag 15 mars 2012


"Prawn formed in Ridgewood, NJ in the summer of 2007. The band draws its influences from Indie-Emo and Post-Rock. The band has extensively toured the U.S., self released two EP’s and one tour demo.
The band self-released their first full length "You Can Just Leave It All " in June 2011 and Topshelf Records will release it on vinyl later this year. Prawn plans on writing a new album before touring the UK and Europe in summer 2012. Jamie Houghton (Drums), Andrew Vilchez (Guitar), Tony Clark (Guitar, Vocals), and Kyle Burns (Bass)"

Lovely. Nightmare is such a good song

False Institutions (2009),
Tour Demo (2010),
You Can Just Leave It all (2011),

Topshelf Bigcartel

Baklavaa - Hairmoans

These guys emailed me and asked me to check their music, they described it like this: "I don't know how I would describe it except by saying it is weirdo rock music from baltimore."
It's weird, groovy and good.

"This recording began production Autumn 2010. It took over a year to be released due to line-up changes, conflicting schedules, car troubles, illness, equipment malfunction, and weird parents. Everyone who has ever been in this band has contributed in some way to this album including Eric Paltell, Brent Cowell, Jake Wilkerson, Phil Brady, Jacob Seaton, Luke Heckel, Geoff Erhard, Matt Miller, and Dominique Wilson. We'd like to thank them for becoming a part of us regardless of how short a time it may have been.

Hairmoans embodies teen angst and masturbation. It's like catching a really crucial wave on your boogie board and then seeing your parents having sex on the shore."

Bandcamp (with free download)

tisdag 13 mars 2012

Scaps of Tape

Swedish post-rock band from Malmö. They started playing together in 2001 and recently released their new album Resident Flux.

Resident Flux,
Read Between The Lines At All Times,
The Grand Letdown,
This Is A Copy Is This A Copy,
Official site,

måndag 12 mars 2012

As We Draw - Lines Breaking Circles

"As if you haven't had enough of these Isis, Cult Of Luna cocksuckers, with their so-called cheesy parts and badass cathartic sonic explosions... Of course, one can wonder about the relevence of playing some post-metal in 2010.
But when it's done with such talent, such faith as these three young guys from Laval, either you take your hat off to them, or either your heart is made of dog food. «Lines Breaking Circles», is made for those who are still crying over Breach's split and years when Cult Of Luna still made you have a boner.

This is quite a severe reproof to all those who spend more time twitting their promo photos than polishing their art in the studio. These guys are true workaholics and such gifted aesthetes that they're starting to get sickening. Especially knowing that they can kick your ass on stage as well as on your turntable. But you can't really hate them, can you?
Not when you listen to these killer choruses sponsored by Kleenex on «Scum Of The Earth» or those huge slaps on «Draft» or again... Alright, enough of this, you already got that it is the same deal as their buddies from Birds In Row : LAVAL EQUALS LIFE. "

Lines Breaking Circles
Throatruiner Records

söndag 11 mars 2012

YO. Upd4t3

Hey guys! And thanks for still reading this blog.
I'm gonna try to get this blog back to life, and I'm going to add some ads as well (nope), I've been against this all the time but now I've started playing in a band so I'll use the money I get from the ads to support us and in that way support the scene.
This is my band (yes, some shameless advertising).

Also, as a message to the posters here (WELCOME BACK WOOK ITS BEEN A WHILE <3333), make sure that you include bandcamp links, big cartel etc etc, to make it easy for everyone to support the bands.
I want to see this blog as a way to make the bands grow, to help the scene and to support everyone so that they can keep doing what they do.

I'm also thinking about starting some section for alot of deeper reviews and shit, and to maybe start making mixtapes and yeah. If you think you can help me with that, send me an email and we'll talk

xoxo, johan s

fredag 2 mars 2012

Loma Prieta - IV

Latest Loma Prieta. This shit is amazing and speaks for itself. The recording sounds perfect and if you know them, you know this is going to be massive. Get this if you haven't already. This blog still breathes, lots of new releases coming and I intend on posting them.
- w00k

måndag 2 januari 2012

Aly - Clouds of Sound

My friend Aly, a producer from Stockton, California dropped a beat tape yesterday to start off the new year. It's a 12- song beat tape with some new slaps and some old ones. Definitely worth checking out so don't sleep on this. Download it for free here. The album art was taken with my holga 120cfn in SF.

"My first beat tape. IDK why but I guess its just time. Mixed a lil old with the new. See if you can tell which is which. But yo, Check out the tape. Working on plenty more. Much Love to anyone and everyone supporting. Means the most for real. Much Love. Good Vibes.

- Aly"

Also, here's some videos you should check out.

Aly - Vancruzin

Aly - Smokerlude/Lover

Aly - Mageeq (directed by Mieksneak)

Mieksneak - Catmandu (youtube.com/mellamique)

Mieksneak - Dora ft. ALY

Masked Avengers - If Looks Could Kill

happy new year everyone.

lördag 24 december 2011

Blind Pilot

Singer/song-writer that my friend showed me a couple of days ago. Really cozy.
Sorry for being so retarded and not posting shit.

Happy holidays, I hope youre really enjoying the last part of this year.

fredag 11 november 2011

lördag 5 november 2011

B. Lewis & Xperiment - See-Saw Kids

An amazing collab by the Oregon beat producer Xperiment and the bay area producer B. Lewis. You can stream it or download it for free here. Don't sleep on this, trust me.

Ojjo Nova

This is a pretty phresshhhhh band from Stockholm with members from No Omega. Im really excited about hearing their new material that will be comming out soon since the demo sounds quite good. Check it out!

Another after by OjjoNova


tisdag 25 oktober 2011

Black Lady

This is a friend of mine's project. He has earlier been active in And They Say and Dvalá and now, he's been producing some sweet witch house. He states that some of his biggest influences has been the movies by Michael Haneke and Shinya Tsukamoto. Xiu Xiu, Wolfes In the Throne Room, Slowdive, My Dead Girlfriend and Joy Division has also been playing a big role.

He never ceases to amaze me.

fredag 21 oktober 2011


Hip Hop producer from Stockton, California. Check out some of his beats on his soundcloud here. Here's a couple videos I filmed with him recently. He also has a track featured on the AURAL STIMULI compilation I posted below. Like him on Facebook if you're feeling it. Enjoy.

söndag 16 oktober 2011

AURAL STIMULI Vol. 1 presented by RESONATE

RESONATE is a monthly Northern California event dedicated to the evolution of dirty beat science. For their 2-year anniversary they've put together a compilation of various guests they've had perform such as Jon Wayne, Al_pd, Aly, Mdnsgn, Jermski, and Benito. If you're into beats/producing this is definitely worth checking out. Lots of good slap, don't sleep on this.

måndag 10 oktober 2011


Old but gold. This is a mashup-album between the best band in the world (Radiohead) and Jay-Z. Words can't describe this.

söndag 9 oktober 2011

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

Indie-band that has been around for a while. Im to lazy to write something so heres some copypasta:

"I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness are an indie rock band formed in 2002, based out of Austin, Texas, United States. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness is often associated with the band Spoon, and Spoon’s lead singer, Britt Daniel, even produced their first album. The resulting EP, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, was a 5-song EP released under Emperor Jones Records in 2003. This was followed with a 2-song 12” EP in 2005.
The band consists of Ernest Salaz, Christian Goyer, Edward Robert, Tim White, with the addition of guitarist Daniel Del Favero after the release of their debut EP."

And sorry for being so inactive. I'm really running out of things to post. I'll try my best getting back into it.

fredag 23 september 2011

Blue Sky Black Death - Noir

Review from pitchfork (omg so hipster):

Blue Sky Black Death may want to do without guest vocalists for a little while. West Coast producers Kingston and Young God teamed up with a different low-key singer on each of their last couple of albums, but the real allure was still in the duo's layered, expansive instrumentals. Then there was the drama a few years back over Jean Grae team-up The Evil Jeanius; the New York MC went on Craigslist and MySpace to protest the "unauthorized" use of her rhymes (she said it wasn't the beat-makers' fault). BSBD have collaborated with plenty of other indie rappers, most recently including tourmates CunninLynguists, but their latest album suggests they can acquit themselves just fine on their own.

As Clams Casino's first beat tape earlier this year demonstrated, some of the best rap instrumentals these days can work equally well as moody electronic music, drifting naturally between the worlds of hip-hop or R&B and ambient, post-dubstep, or chillwave. Noir has a similar way of wringing strangely affecting emotional grandeur from the rudiments of sound, though BSBD's style relies less on glitch or drone and more on starry-eyed orchestral vastness. Using an impressively naunced deployment of strings, piano, and guitar as well as drum loops and hazy synths, the album has a patient, steady beauty, ranging from glowing panoramas evoking M83 to the classical-informed abstraction of Anticon acts like Dosh and Son Lux.

The duo's acronym is apparently skydiver slang, popularized in the 1994 thriller Drop Zone. It implies, "Sure, appreciate the majesty of nature all you want, but if something goes wrong you'll leave a grisly corpse." If Noir can't quite fully embody that essential paradox-- it's not particularly noir-ish, either-- it still succeeds in communicating incomprehensible hugeness through sonically detailed tracks with an almost narrative-like structure. There are several standouts, but a good place to start is "Sleeping Children Are Still Flying", which uses a humid Southern-rock guitar solo and languidly triumphant drum programming to support a string section, a children's choir, and a snippet of dialogue from classic 1986 coming-of-age dramaStand By Me: River Phoenix is talking about dreams, and missed chances. While the kids and the symphonic elements would have no trouble fitting in on an indie pop beach fantasy by Air France, those blues-drenched licks could just as easily soundtrack one of the Weeknd's dangerous liaisons.

Noir isn't completely instrumental, then, and in fact uses sung samples as well as the spoken-word variety. But the strongest voice here is BSBD's own-- wide-screen and Technicolor, to mix sensory metaphors. An aching soul vocal from Solomon Burke's "Don't Give Up on Me"is secondary to a sighing, silvery arrangement and pulsing bass on brief interlude "Falling Short"; Dusty Springfield's version of "The Windmills of Your Mind" complements the hypnotic repetitions and emotional anguish of "Farewell to the Former World", which despite its melancholy theme has a snare-heavy rhythm track fit for blasting through car windows on hot days. Or for rapping over: Three years after BSBD's last proper instrumental album, Babygrande release Late Night Cinema, Noir again proves the duo don't need singers or rappers to make their music felt. But that doesn't mean an aspiring MC or two might not be able to make use of their services anyway.

If you like Clams Casino, you'll probably like this as well. Personally I love it

måndag 12 september 2011

Listener - Wooden Heart

Spoken word from Atlanta. So good. Might upload more as well.


lördag 10 september 2011

Masked Avengers

For those of you into hip-hop, here's a hip-hop duo called Masked Avengers from Stockton, California. Here's their first EP titled ''Domesticating Wolves'' which they put up for free so download it below and give it a listen if you're into 'hard hitting melodic beats with deep lyrics to feed the mind.'